The Sunday Business Post 5th Annual Property Summit

December 5th, Aviva Stadium, Dublin


Welcome from the Chair

Tina-Marie O’Neill

Tina-Marie O’Neill

Property Editor, The Sunday Business Post


MINISTERIAL ADDRESS: Policy updates for the year ahead

  • Update on the urban regeneration and development fund
  • Social housing
  • Rebuilding Ireland home loan
  • Commercial property and plans ahead
Eoghan Murphy

Eoghan Murphy

Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government

The Big Picture


OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Big Capital: Who is the city for?

(Anna Minton is the author of ‘Ground Control’. Her latest book is ‘Capital: Who is London for?’ She is also a journalist and reader in architecture at the University of East London)

Anna Minton

Anna Minton

Journalist and Academic


UK CASE STUDY: More people, less space – how to plan for densification in our big cities

 James Murray

James Murray

Deputy Mayor for Housing, London


Review of the Irish Property Sector – Key developments shaping the future of the industry.

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh

Head of Property, ByrneWallace




Morning Break

Choose your track

Track 1: Residential Property

Track 2: Commercial Property




Welcome back from the Chair

Jack Horgan-Jones

Jack Horgan-Jones

Chief Reporter, The Sunday Business Post


PANEL DISCUSSION: Irish property market outlook for 2019 and beyond…

As we approach the end of another very active year in the Irish property market, it is time to take stock and give some thought to what’s coming down the tracks in the year ahead. The panel will look at the Irish housing system which has undergone a structural “shock” in the last decade, from homelessness and mortgage arrears to the emergence of a “generation rent” that is locked out of home ownership. The discussion will also focus on recent planning controversies for commercial property.

  • The crash 10 years on…
  • Will house prices fall?
  • Ongoing portfolio sales by banks and private equity funds
  • The Central Bank macro prudential mortgage lending rules
John Downey

John Downey

Managing Director, Downey Planning & Architecture

Ronan Lyons

Ronan Lyons

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Trinity

Eoin Drea

Eoin Drea

Economist, Wilfred Martens Centre for European Studies

Andrew Kinsella

Andrew Kinsella

Irish Coordinator, Urban Land Institute


The changing funding landscape for Irish property

· A brief history of the property crash

· Emerging demand and rents

· Bank appetite for property and EU constraints

· Direct market lending

· Sectoral outlook for the next 2-5 years

Colum Breslin

Colum Breslin

Managing Director, Capitalflow


CASE STUDY: The Northern Ireland property market: Challenges, opportunities and innovations

The events of the last decade have interacted to create a number of challenges for Northern Ireland’s property market that are both distinctive and unique. Our speaker, will provide an overview of evidence on the current structure of Northern Ireland’s housing market, including the role of the social and private rented sectors, outlining how the Housing Executive and its partners in the housing sector are responding to challenges, opportunities and working together to address housing need and demand across all tenures. This session will also include an analysis and update on the commercial property market.

Siobhan McCauley

Siobhan McCauley

Director, Northern Ireland Housing Executive


INTERNATIONAL LOCKNOTE ADDRESS: Liveable Ireland – towards 2040: Lessons from Denmark

By 2040, there may well be one million more people who call Ireland their home, and about one in four of us will be over 65 years of age. This demands a radical re-think of how we design our cities, transport hubs, work environments, and homes – simply put, a rethink of the quality of life we will expect from our country. Denmark has been at the forefront of creating “liveable” cities and communities for decades, and has in recent years experienced a shift toward a society more accustomed to renting rather than buying their homes. What kind of public facilities, transport modes and spaces must a city provide, to facilitate this kind of fundamental change in how we envision our relationship with where and how we live? What kind of investment dynamics emerge in a market where “long money” such as pension funds, find security in larger professionally run rental complexes. What knowledge / experience can be re-envisioned from examples in Denmark, for an Irish populous embarking on a development plan towards 2040, and what new business models/ building typologies and future market opportunities, will affect how we build and plan for this growth.

Mike Forde Bradley

Mike Forde Bradley

Partner, Zeso Architects

(An Irishman living in Denmark)


Conference close